Most of my works are resurrections of discarded materials. These days commodities become trash with astonishing rapidity, and I enjoy salvaging unwanted items from sidewalks and basements, barns and dumpsters
Broken sections of a piano, buckets of greasy machine parts, old screen doors, and sign letters have all contributed to the work that I do.  No one element has survived the journey to sculpture in its original found state – disassembly, cleaning, in some cases breaking, losing or adding parts has been necessary to accommodate them within the ‘frame’.  The most successful sculptures are ones in which I am able to incorporate every single piece from a batch that I found, leaving nothing to be thrown away.

Old things are beautiful to me.  I love how wear and tear shows on wood, metal, leather, etc.  I also love nature, and respect the natural cycle of growth, decay and fertilization of the next generation.  So I rescue and transform trash into sculpture in order to honor nature; the process reduces the volume going to landfills, it saves the resources that would have been used in manufacturing new materials, and it puts new beautiful things into the world. 

Pamela Niskanen

Christchurch, New Zealand